The easiest way to create new business and referrals!
It has been said over and over that networking with other people in business is lucrative yet the question is, “Are you taking advantage of this powerful tool that is at your fingertips?”



Our local area consisting mainly of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham is full of social media Facebook pages. Tons off groups sharing topics such as, local news, referral groups, charities, free give a ways to pages that allow you to “let go and rant”. Now most of these have a great purpose but most also discourage business promoting. You may make a few new friends, but it’s not necessarily the best use of your time if you are concentrating on building your business or trying to connect directly with your consumer.
As a member of the TBDCC you have the opportunity to connect and team up directly with other businesses, share ideas, create referrals and strengthen your presence within the community. By taking advantage of this “insider connection” will only cost you the time it takes to send an email, an email that will be acknowledged because of the membership rapport rather than the uncomfortable cold calling platform. Plus sharing promotional ideas are welcomed not discouraged. So what are you waiting for?
Times are a changing! The old “networking meetings” of the past are just that, passé. So don’t wait for someone else to organize a meeting. One that many won’t have time to attend and the one person who you would like to connect with doesn’t show up. Instead directly send an introduction to that other business that you would like to team up with.
Here is a recent example from two TBDCC Chamber members:

1. Woodington Lakes Golf Club hosts all kinds of events that would require P.A systems, DJ services for their weddings, audio visual equipment for business meetings and social gatherings.

2. We Love Sound Entertainment supplies all of these services. So they sent an email, set up a meeting and discussed how they can team up to create new business and mutually build further clientele.

3. Together these companies are in a “win, win” collaboration sending each other direct client referrals, actively advertising and promoting each other on their website and social media platforms thus building a stronger presence in the community!

So what are you waiting for? It’s that easy to benefit (and take advantage of) your membership with the TBDCC!