Small Business Week Feature – Divine Balance – Foot Care, Orthotics and Wellness

Meet the Staff at Divine Balance -Foot Care, Orthotics and Wellness!

At Divine Balance -Foot Care, Orthotics and Wellness, they understand the importance of foot care and are dedicated to treating your concerns. Whether you are experiencing foot pain, bunions, ingrown nails, or any other form of discomfort, the team of professionals is there to help!

Their wellness specialists are also devoted to offering customized services including Reflexology and Psychotherapy. The Divine Balance team is here to share their knowledge and expertise with you in order to improve your health one step at a time. Divine Balance provides professional chiropody, orthotics, medical pedicures, and wellness services. We offer complete care for the entire family.

Visit the team at 133 Queen Street South, Tottenham

Tuesday – Saturday (hours vary throughout the week)

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