Small Business Week Feature – The Wellness Equation Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Johanne Douma is a Registered Holistic and Vegan Nutritionist. Johanne would typically work and meet clients out of the Calm Healing Space however due the Covid-19 pandemic has been meeting people virtually. She offers one on one consultations, online classes and workshops. You can also book Johanne for private group workshops with your friends that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Johanne supports her clients through whole nutrient dense foods, whole food supplements, menu plans, and one on one support. Johanne got into nutrition as she had digestive issues as a child and despite going to many doctors over the years, continued to be sick. In her 20’s, a friend asked her “what she ate” which led her to begin to investigate her eating habits. When her daughter was born, she wanted to do better for her family and learn more about food and it’s benefits so went back to school to become a nutritionist.

Johanne enjoys growing her own produce and making her own skincare products in order to be creative in the kitchen and know what she is putting into her body. Today, Johanne is married and has 2 children and lives Alliston with her 3 dogs. She has been a part of the New Tecumseth community for over 10 years, participates in the women’s baseball league in Tottenham and has been a member of the TBDCC for a year. You can contact Johanne at or The Wellness Equation – Holistic Nutrition and Wellness

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